Exiting the EU

Who holds the knife?

Can we avoid being butchered and carved up? Yes.

Why is the FT and the City still slamming the disasters of Exit? Let’s get on with it.

Why be so negative when we do not know the team or the terms? We still have some time.

Can the election change anything? Yes, we can tell the Government what we want


field and windmill resize

Article 50 has been triggered and the shouting has started before the talks begin. The team is getting prepared for negotiations. Leave them to sort out the details and don’t derail their position.


This site includes the main issues and is now updating:

  • Exiting:  The options and the negotiations, including the future for Scotland

  • Food: The options for the future policies

  • Financial Services The problems and how to avoid them

This could be very expensive if you are not prepared. There will be major changes in contracts, laws, tax and Red Tape and you should look through this site for guidance.

Email us with any questions and we could help you:

Please tell everyone about this site who might be affected by Exit.